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Create a Checkout Page or Funnel with CartFlows

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6. Create a Checkout Page or Funnel with CartFlows

The reason that we recommend using WooCommerce to sell your courses is that it gives you the option to create more conversion-friendly checkout pages and funnels.

To actually create your checkout pages, you can use the CartFlows plugin, which comes in both a free and premium version.

CartFlows lets you create a conversion-optimized checkout funnel, along with the option to add as many upsells and order bumps as you’d like (these are techniques for boosting your revenue).

For example, when someone is purchasing a course, you could offer an order bump that offers a special deal on a related eBook. Or, you could upsell them to a higher course level.

To get started, install and activate the CartFlows plugin – you can start with the free version from WordPress.org.

Then, go to the new CartFlows area in your WordPress dashboard and run the setup wizard (you should see a prompt).

During the setup wizard, select your page builder as well as some other basics:

Then, go to CartFlows → Add New to create your first “flow” (which is another name for a checkout page/funnel).

Here, you can first choose from a few templates or start from scratch:

From there, you can use Elementor to edit the design of your content, and you can use the plugin’s settings to control the funnel options and steps.

Once you publish your Flow, you’ll get a link to your checkout page that you can link to from anywhere on your site.

You can also create multiple checkout pages customized for each course that you sell.