Creating your marketing plan Day 1

In this lesson, we will look at your 12-month marketing plan; this lesson will guide you on how to fill in your 12-month marketing plan template which is essential to growing your business and getting your brand out there.

In this lesson, we will fill in the “Day 1: Taking Stock” sheet.

Campaign goals:

This section will be based on your target Cost per sale, which is explained in the video and in the CPA calculator lesson that is coming up. The takeaway is how much you can reliably afford to spend on marketing and still be profitable when accounting for expenses.

Your business:

These  questions about your business, such as “In one sentence, what does your company do? For whom?” will help you think about your core USP.

Your target audience:

These are the questions you should ask yourselves about your ideal customer or target market, such as their age, Income etc.


In the next lesson we will be going over the “Day 2: ” sheets

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