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Google Lighthouse: SEO


These checks ensure that your page is optimized for search engine results ranking.

This is known as on-page SEO

This can be used in conjucition with third-party SEO analiyers that will indicate on the website is performing the search engine in whole which will be in the next course

Make sure search engines understand your content #

Theses can be common problems for a website are easily fixed.

To fix the “no Title” and “no meta description” a plugin on wordpress called Yoast can be installed the meta and title tags are the information display on google search results.

They look like this in the code

meta tags

And like this on the search engine

meta description tag

Including the meta description links and images have short description called alt tags

Optimizing WordPress Images: Title, Alt, Description, Huh?

This can be important information for google and will show up and google images. Without these tags, your website will have a lower SEO score and not generate traffic for google Images.