Lesson 2 B: Contact sending emails

Sending emails to the client through hubspot allows for you to use great Hubspot features such as email tracking and templating.

Sending a email.

Email Templating:

With templates, you can save repetitive email content as an email template. Before sending a template, you can personalize and tailor the content to your recipients. You can access templates from the CRM or when sending an email from your inbox.

A example may be

Hey [First name],
I saw your [company] and think you might be interested in [product]

To select a template click templates

To Select the email to be sent from i.e Sales@example.com or HR@example.com

Select the drop down menu from beside the name.

Email Tracking :

Email tracking will notify you when the email you sent was opened or viewed.

You can make sure to follow up with leads when you’re already top of mind.

Use notifications to follow up seconds after a lead opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an important document such as a proposal.

When you reach out at the right time, you can expect more email opens, answered calls, booked meetings, and sales.

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