Lesson 2 H: Creating Deals

When you try to sell a product or service to a customer it is very important to add it to the deals tab. This also you to sort your bet leads and focus and converting.

To add a deal you must select new in the deals tab.

This pop out will apear

By default, HubSpot includes a sales pipeline with seven deal stages:

Here it is important to change the deal name, set the amount and Deal type ( new or existing business )

The deal stage goes as follows the default “Appointment scheduled” should be left but can be updated as the deal goes ahead.

  • Appointment scheduled (20%)
  • Qualified to buy (40%)
  • Presentation scheduled (60%)
  • Decision-maker bought-in (80%)
  • Contract sent (90%)
  • Closed won (100% Won)
  • Closed lost (0% Lost)

When a deal is created you it will create a deal dashboard that is somewhat similar to the Customer Dashboard.

All your details can be found in Sales -> Deals on the top navbar

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