1.1.2 Who is a customer?

We all are a part of the global market. Everybody is a customer as each one of us in some way or the other directly or indirectly purchase various goods and services. Even a seller is a customer.

For example, if a fast food vendor is selling fast food to you, he is also buying some goods and services to suffice his
daily needs with the money he is obtaining from you. It is a long and endless cycle through which money flows.

Now, who is a customer?

There are different definitions of a customer. And most of these definitions tend to give the maximum priority to
the customer. To keep it precise, let us say, anybody who receives a product or service from a supplier or seller in
exchange for money or other similarly valuable consideration is a customer.
Any person who enters the business or receives a product –either a good or a service from an organization is a potential

Customers can be of two types – Internal customers and External customers.