Body Language and Communication

  • Work on your written communication by refining your emails, cover letters, and LinkedIn messages.
  • Clearly articulate your thoughts, utilizing concise and engaging language.
  • Focus on active listening to fully understand others’ perspectives during interviews
    and networking interactions.
  • Hone your ability to ask thoughtful questions that demonstrate your genuine interest.

Non-verbal communication, including body language, plays a significant role in how you’re perceived.

  • Practice open and confident body posture, like uncrossed arms, as well as maintaining eye contact
    during conversations.
  • A firm handshake exudes professionalism.
  • Use mirroring techniques, subtly mimicking the body language of your conversation partner,
    to establish rapport.
  • Be mindful of facial expressions, ensuring they reflect your confidence and interest.
  • Observe and adapt to cultural differences in body language to foster positive interactions.
  • Consider recording yourself during practice interviews to assess your body language
    and identify areas for improvement.
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