Know your customer

To provide good service to the customer, one must deliver what he or she promises. But good service to customers implies that one must be able to anticipate the needs and exceed the expectations of the customers. To understand the customers
well, one needs to be attentive and listen to the customers whenever they are in contact with them.

Positive words help the supplier to increase customer loyalty and bring new business. To sell directly to an individual, the supplier should find out the customer’s age, occupation, and gender.

If the supplier has to sell to other businesses, he has to find out what industry they are in,
for example, is it a private company or a big multinational company? Knowing this can help the supplier to identify a similar
industry that he can target. It is helpful for the supplier if they know the occupation and interest of the customers. Knowing why customers buy products or services is easier to match their needs which benefits the business.

If a supplier can approach the customer at the right time, it hugely increases the chances of success on the part of the
supplier. If the supplier can make out how much money his customers can afford and offers them products or services
accordingly, the supplier can make a better profit.

It is important for the supplier to understand what the customer expects from him/her. And if he can meet the expectations of the customers and do not disappoint them, the supplier can make good business. Similarly, if the customers enjoy the hospitality and feel satisfied dealing with the supplier they are likely to buy more.

Also if the supplier can manage to know what the customers think about their competitors they will stand a better chance to
stay ahead of their rivals.