Personal factors

Personal factors also influence consumer purchasing decisions

Age – Preferences, and liking of people vary with their age. Tastes in food, clothes, and furniture are mostly age–related.
For all age groups, marketing and advertising strategy vary.

Marital status – The other important variable that influences customer/consumer behavior is marital status because consumption habits of people change with marriage.

Occupation – Occupation is an important indicator of the purchasing behavior of a customer. A person’s occupation may decide the kind of goods and services he wants to avail. Some goods or services can be quite a necessity to a person of a certain occupation. Marketers should try to identify occupational groups such as blue-collar, white-collar professionals and offer them products accordingly.

Lifestyle – Lifestyle can be defined as a person’s way of living as expressed in the person’s activities, interests, and opinions. A person’s buying behavior largely depends on his lifestyle. So, it is another notable point for the supplier/ marketers.