What customers think?

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys makes the customers feel valued. It also helps to get valuable insight about the
customers. Asking the customers for feedback is a good approach only when one is ready to make changes. Customer
surveys can tell one thing that they do not know, such as factors like staff behavior.

The more information one gets from his/her customers, the better. When the supplier has accurate and enough information
about the customer, it helps the supplier to stay ahead of his competitors.

The best way to find out what people think about the service or product is to ask them. Just like a hairdresser who every time
asks his customer “How would you like your hair, Sir?” but the problem is most service providers think that they know what
customers want. But that is not the fact, the suppliers should always ask the customers and then act on the answers.
Another most obvious but less used way to find out what customer experiences, when they use the service or products, is
to be a customer oneself. This can be done by walking the customer’s path and seeing things through their eyes.

Usage statistics are the most important and current information on what customer thinks. If the customer continues to buy from the same place then it is clear that he/she is satisfied with the services or products provided to them. Although the information on sales may be an accurate indicator of how well/bad the company is doing but it does not guarantee that the company is delivering exactly what the customers really want.

Frontline staffs are the most reliable, resourceful, and also least costly customer feedback sources. They should be encouraged to build strong relationships with customers so that the customers feel free to share how they feel about the service.